Premiere: A.Fruit – Reflection In Your Eyes

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Recent MusicMap interviewees YAYAYA were insistent when they told us “160 BPM never gets boring”, and if you needed any more evidence then Moscow musician A.Fruit is living proof. The producer, DJ, engineer and video game sound designer has been making music since she was eighteen, releasing on labels such as Teklife, Slime and Iberian Juke, and that experience shows on her deeply intoxicating new EP Your Inner Sun, which comes out tomorrow on our favourite Russian label Hyperboloid.

The EP exhibits the full breadth of her talents, using technical skill to serve moments of pure emotion. From the brittle, energising jungle flashes of opening track ‘Days’ to the waves of bliss set in motion by the enveloping title track, A.Fruit packs oodles of invention and imagination into every second.

Perhaps best of all is ‘Reflection In Your Eyes’, a sonic journey that emerges from the opening static and launches one of A.Fruit’s finest beats, resulting in something that manages to be simultaneously meditative and super kinetic. Experience it for yourself below, and hit up the Hyperboloid Bandcamp tomorrow when Your Inner Sun drops in full.

(You should also visit and follow A.Fruit’s SoundCloud, if only to take a look at her “Geek woman’s crowded workday schedule”.)

by Editor
May 17, 2018

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