Six things not to miss at Berlin’s CTM Festival 2018

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Red and purple laser beams swirl through the concrete and steel interior of the imposing “Kraftwerk”. From January 26th until February 04th, the former power plant, along with the infamous Berghain, are among the main venues for Berlin’s CTM Festival 2018. Inside, strange and vibrant electronic sounds are engulfing the audience.

With this year’s theme, “Turmoil”, CTM Festival aims to illustrate the confusion and uncertainty in this world. Just like fiction and reality merge increasingly in our digital age, music, light, and vision are becoming one at CTM to slowly change our perception.

Here are 6 highlights:

1. Melancholic

Recondite is an immersive audio-visual show by the German techno artist Lorenz Brunner specifically designed for Berghain. The club’s dark interior matches the melancholic atmosphere he creates with a combination of ambient, electronica, classical music, and hip-hop.

2. Experimental

NOQTURNL is an interactive experimental performance, exploring the boundaries of conscious awareness. For seven hours participants will lie on the floor and experience an unusual AV show. NOQTURNL wants to send us into the hyperlucid state of dreaming.

3. Unusual

Colombia-born Berliner Lucrecia Dalt mixes avant-garde sounds with traditional songwriting to express the confusion between ourselves and otherness, our dependence on Earth and altered states of mind.

4. Psychedelic

Dengue Dengue Dengue are indeed like a fever. Their psychedelic sounds infect you like an epidemic and take you from the tropical jungle of their birthplace – Lima, Perú – to the heart of Africa and all kinds of exciting places in between.

5. Political

Sisso Records’ Bamba Pana & Makaveli erupted from the underground music scene of Tanzania’s capital Dar Es Salaam. Lyrically they discuss everyday life in a politically dysfunctional country. Musically, they combine African drums with up-beat Singeli sounds, Rastafari, and South African House.

6. Mesmerizing

SKALAR is a multi-dimensional and audio-visual light show that will draw you in and keep you mystified. Lights and installations of all sizes, colours and shapes react and spin to progressive music.

CTM 2018 – TURMOIL – Trailer from DISK-CTM on Vimeo.

Preview by Manon Steiner

by Editor
December 20, 2017

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