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Andrey Boogrov is a young electronic producer and musician from Moscow. Giving a preference to various shapes of disco and soul, he’s skilfully balancing on the edge between current trends and retro sound stylizations. Boogrov doesn’t put himself into the rigid frames of genres, some critics even tag his music as folktronic and future-soul. He claims that his major influences are Bonobo, Daft Punk, Radiohead and any world music.

Three years ago he released his first record ‘Going Crazy’ with vocalist Rene, instantly becoming one of the brightest summer tunes of 2014 on the Russian dance music scene.

Not much later, Boogrov’s remix of ‘Feeling Good Tonight’ by Therr Maitz was chosen from 450 applicants in a remix contest thrown by Maitz, a fact that earned him great support from numerous media in Russia and defined Boogrov as one of the most promising young Russian artists.

In March of 2015 Boogrov presented his debut EP, Ostium, which played with more futuristic sounds and broken-tempos but without losing his characteristic danceable house style. On the new EP he collaborated with New York-based vocalist Ayer and Ukrainian singer Aluna, as well as the well-known young Russian Pop-band Mana Island, giving him greater international exposure.

A month later he presented his live set, becoming one of the discoveries of the “scene for the young” on the Bosco Fresh Fest in the Hermitage Garden, followed by a remix of Ivan Dorn’s ‘Sports’, which was included in the deluxe version of the album Randorn.

After a while, Boogrov disappeared from the media space and spent almost two years recording his debut full-length album Define (released in April 2017). He spent months experimenting, researching new techniques, featuring other artists and recording in various spaces in order to create different atmospheres and settings for each song. Define is definitely his deepest, most complex, melodic and stylish release, as well as one of the albums with the strongest reception in the local and national scene right now. Enjoy it in full here:

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October 20, 2017

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