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Ernestas Kaušylas, better known as Black Acre artist Brokenchord, is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from the small industrial town of Utena in Lithuania. A creator of layered, woozy instrumentals bolstered by chuddering beats, Brokenchord’s sound has seen him support Bonobo in Latvia and Lithuania and provide a remix of ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ for Radiohead’s TKOL RMX 1234567 album.

Now Kaušylas is preparing a full Brokenchord album, Endless Transmission, which he wrote and recorded while studying at the Institute Of Sonology in The Hague. Kaušylas plays everything on the record himself apart from two tracks featuring jazz drummer Augustas Baronas, who was instructed to play as robotically as possible. As Kaušylas puts it, “machines that mimic human grooves [are] boring but the other way around it becomes [quite] interesting”.

‘Ochra’ is the first track to be released from his debut opus, and its crushed beats, chinks of harp and underlying sense of poignancy will have you eager to hear more. Which you can, when Endless Transmission is released on September 29th – pre-order it here.

by Editor
September 12, 2017

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