4th edition of Cara•B showcases the cream of Spain’s music scenes

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Cara•B is one of the top independent urban music festivals in Barcelona, taking place in an old factory (Fàbrica Fabra i Coats) in the borough of Sant Andreu. The festival has positioned itself as one of the main showcases for emerging musical tendencies, celebrating the freshest sounds emerging from the national scenes (trap, electronic, dancehall, indie, garage, etc). Yung Beef, Beach Beach, Bad Gyal, Agorazein and BSN Posse are some of the artists who have appeared at the festival during its three years.

This year was Cara•B’s 4th anniversary, and we went along to see what they’d prepared for us and meet some of the artists on the line-up…

The band who opened the festival was Damed Squad, three boys from L’Ametlla del Vallès who offer a new view of Spanish trap. Far away from gangsta themes, their honest lyrics talk about the regular life of lads from a small town who just like to eat pizza, play videogames and listen to music. The show was quite chill, “good-vibed” and dynamic, and featured Cecilio G – one of the national rap scene’s most irreverent, bizarre and chaotic MCs – with whom they have released some songs.

Damed Squad Cara•B by Blai Subirats

After them, it was Afrojuice 195’s turn. These young guys from Madrid are the first group in Spain to play “afrotrap”, a genre derived from trap but heavily influenced by super-danceable African rhythms and twerk. They told us that one of their main inspirations is the French group MHD, known for their track ‘Champions League’, as football is an important theme in their daily street life. “We don’t talk about guns, drugs and fights because we would be lying”, they state, “we talk about playing football, girls and drinking cheap soda”. Some other important influences they mentioned are African musicians such as Davido, Wizkid and Tekno.

Afrojuice 195 at Cara•B by Blai Subirats

The next artist to perform was Mueveloreina, a duo based in Barcelona who are mixing reggaeton, electronic music and hip-hop with very political lyrics about feminism, gender and society issues in general.

They were followed by Ms Nina, an Argentinian artist based in Madrid who totally reinvented and revitalised reggaeton in Spain, bringing it to a wider audience. She has collaborated with Bad Gyal and Danish producer Talisto. At Cara•B she sang one new song (which is not released yet) featuring Afrojuice 195.

Ms Nina & Afrojuice 195 at Cara•B by Blai Subirats

Following Ms Nina, we saw Locoplaya, a Canarian group of MCs whose lyrics and music are full of sunshine. They got the whole audience dancing with their catchy and zippy songs, featuring plenty of crowd interaction.

After that, everyone was really cheerful and ready to see one of the most venerated artists on the line-up: Dellafuente. This guy from Granada inspired more than one cry of joy in the crowd with his flamenco-influenced trap and sentimental songs about platonic love and other deep, emotive themes.

Dellafuente at Cara•B by Blai Subirats

The one in charge of closing the night was Steve Lean, known as one of the first trap producers in Spain and producer of Pxxr Gvng (Yung Beef, Kaydy Cain and Khaled). He played songs by Yung Lean, Travis Scott, Migos, Yung Beef and some other less well known and emerging artists. Once again Cara•B had surprised and delighted its crowd.

Steve Lean at Cara•B by Blai Subirats

Words: Blai Subirats
Photos: Irene Royo and Anna Álvarez

by Editor
February 28, 2018

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