We sense you’ll like Catalan dream-pop duo Desert…

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Catalan duo Desert are one of Barcelona’s brightest talents. Formed of Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé, they were recently invited to perform at the 75th anniversary of the city’s legendary Sala Apolo venue, where their electronic-tinted dream-pop charmed the buzzing crowd.

This month they released a new video for their track ‘Sense Likes’, which came out last year on CSCN, the singles imprint of Brooklyn label Cascine. ‘Sense Likes’ – Catalan for ‘without likes’ – explores themes of ‘memento mori’, and its intriguingly glitchy video features a clash between antiquity and modernity in the form of emoji-speckled classic paintings alongside still life arrangements of processed food.

Check it out below and follow Desert on Instagram for more audiovisual delights…

by Editor
March 12, 2018

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