Francobollo get animated with plastic waste in ‘We’re Dead’

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Rambunctious London-based Swedes Francobollo are famous for making memorable music videos, ranging from pustulous life-drawing classes to vengeful clumps of pubic hair (no, seriously). Their latest creation, a stop-motion masterpiece that accompanies Pinkerton-esque new single ‘We’re Dead’, is perhaps their best yet.

‘We’re Dead’ is, at its heart, a warning against the rising tide of plastic waste being continually created by human over-consumption and corporate resistance to using more sustainable materials. This being Francobollo, however, the message is delivered with playfully bizarre levels of invention, remaining persuasive but without being po-faced.

From fag-end filled pies to straw-dispensing nostrils, ‘We’re Dead’ shows that even if most plastic rubbish can’t be re-used, it can at least be re-purposed in order to make a brilliant music video. Even our furry friend from the ‘Wonderful’ video makes a brief cameo…

“Being passionate about filmmaking and music videos,” declare Francobollo, “we really wanted to make something that would be active whilst we have platform and peoples ears ‘n’ eyes. A song like We’re Dead, which deals with the slow deterioration of our wellbeing, needs a call to arms. We approached Samuel Lewis, a very talented and compassionate animator, with the track and he immediately responded with a tailspin of thoughts regarding plastic and its impact on us all. It was a perfect fit.”

“As a band of anxious cynics and surfers, we are concerned that we are all satisfied thinking that putting things into recycling bins is ‘job done’. Us the consumer could reduce our demand for products, but when are we ever going to do that? We love stuff! Can’t get enough of that good good stuff. It will take a massive shift in environmental policies at the top and a willingness to not profit from something to help us all help ourselves. Like your mother kicking you out and into nature away from Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It’s hard. But for the best. This is our attempt to raise awareness and join campaigners who we admire for their ceaseless work in trying to slow down our circling of the cosmic drain.”

by Editor
July 3, 2018

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