Soundtrack your flight with Khruangbin’s ‘AirKhruang’


Booking a flight can be something of an ordeal these days, what with the endless pop-ups inviting you to reserve seats, add luggage, book hotels, hire a car and secure a Hannibal-style restraint for any annoying siblings; all before you’ve even paid for the damn ticket. Luckily, thanks to Thai-influenced Texas trio Khruangbin, there is one element of air travel you no longer need to worry about – the soundtrack.

To celebrate the band’s new album Con Solo El Mundo, Khruangbin recently launched ‘AirKhruang’, a web tool that provides a personalised playlist perfectly tailored to your journey. Simply input your chosen destination and travel preferences and AirKhruang will conjure a relevant soundtrack drawn from the wide range of music that inspired the album.

To test it out, we booked a direct ‘flight’ between our London and Barcelona offices, specifying an aisle seat in cattle class with a complimentary cup of tea. The result? A diverse mix of music that ranges from Iranian singer Giti Pashaei to Bollywood film composer R. D. Burman. It’s certainly a quality playlist, although admittedly we’re not exactly sure what effect our input had on the results. It’s also over nine hours long, which is somewhat excessive for a two-hour flight. Then again, considering some of the delays we’ve suffered with certain airlines in the past…

Still, it’s a neatly fitting invention considering the band’s name, which roughly translates to “airplane” (well, the direct translation is apparently “engine fly” but let’s not split hairs). Listen to the playlist below and create your own via AirKhruang here.

Photo: Mary Kang

by Editor
February 8, 2018

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