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Having developed an early enthusiasm for jazz during her childhood in Brittany, it’s no surprise that Laura Perrudin grew up with a talent for exploratory composition and expressive musicianship. Playing a unique, custom-made chromatic harp, Perrudin has positioned herself between several musical worlds, with her jazz roots spreading into electronic territory via a complex network of loopers, pedals and controllers.

Having won awards and plaudits aplenty for her 2015 debut Impressions, Laura Perrudin hones her approach even further with the spectacular follow-up, Poisons & Antidotes. Released via her own Volatine label, the album exhibits a rich musical language, with adventurous compositions wrapping themselves around both her own words and, on occasion, those of the romantic poet William Blake. The album’s distinctive sonic sheen was finessed through mastering by Valgeir Sigurðsson at Reykjavík’s Greenhouse Studio, which has previously hosted the likes of Björk, Feist, Camille and Damon Albarn.

To celebrate the forthcoming UK release Poisons & Antidotes, MusicMap is thrilled to present one of our favourite cuts from the record, ‘The Trap’. A warped, crackling intro opens out into a serpentine composition, with Laura Perrudin’s silky, stream of consciousness vocals flowing over a shifting soundscape, full of creeping tones and enigmatic textures…

“This is a song I wrote after a nightmarish night on a ferry during a storm”, Perrudin explains. “I took medications to avoid sea-sickness and, because of that, had a very sordid nightmare and woke up in the middle of the night. The storm was at its climax, I was alone in the dark, unable to move, stuck in the images of my nightmare with scary sounds all around me to feed it. To free my mind from these terrible thoughts I took a piece of paper and wrote blind what I was feeling. The next day I found this almost unreadable writing, and put it in rhymes and in music.”

Laura Perrudin’s Poisons & Antidotes receives a UK release on November 3rd, and is followed by a performance at Barbican for the London Jazz Festival on November 19th. For an idea of what to expect on stage, check out a live performance of ‘The Ceiling’s Maze’ here.

Photo: Nicolas Joubard

by Editor
September 25, 2017

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