Let’s Eat Grandma go ‘Hot Pink’ with SOPHIE


Fledgling East Anglians Let’s Eat Grandma released their first album I, Gemini in 2016, when childhood pals Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton were aged just 17. The record won plenty of critical praise, with the duo’s unorthodox compositions and cutesy vocals earning comparisons to CocoRosie among others.

This month they released a fresh new track co-produced by PC Music’s SOPHIE, whose own recent single ‘Ponyboy’ has been making plenty of waves. Along with fellow producer Faris Badwan (lead singer of The Horrors), this has added a harder, funkier edge to Let’s Eat Grandma’s sound, with slick synths and clattering rhythms underpinning one of the pair’s most memorable top-lines to date.

“‘Hot Pink’ is about the misconceptions of femininity and masculinity and the power of embracing both of them”, the pair explain. “It’s about self-expression and appreciation for an underrated colour.” Check it out below and look out for more from Let’s Eat Grandma soon…

Update: ‘Hot Pink’ now has a video too. “We’re trying to navigate through a city where people’s perceptions of reality are becoming more and more distorted in the fear that we’ll end up the same way”, say the girls…

Photo: Charlotte Patmore

by Editor
February 12, 2018

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