Premiere: Lolasister – A Coloured Image Of The Sun

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Incisive observations, self-referential nuggets, masterful technical ability, occasional left-turns and a heavy dose of sunbaked psychedelics. These are all things you might expect from a song that references King Crimson and is taken from a record named after David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus. What you might not expect, considering the sprawling, labyrinthine creations those figures are associated with, is for that song to be so such easily digestible.

Somehow, however, ‘A Coloured Image Of The Sun’ by Swiss quintet Lolasister manages to pack buckets of poetically weathered warmth into just three minutes and thirty-six seconds. The band may consist of several seasoned jazz musicians, but any inclination towards extended solos is neatly curtailed here, resulting in a smart slice of melodic psychedelia that could give Jane Weaver or Stereolab a run for their money. Lines such as “Books of French philosophy / Never read a single one” coolly breeze over a song constructed with artistry and restraint.

The track, which receives its first play on MusicMap today, is taken from Lolasister’s imminent Infinite Jest EP. Recorded live in a Brittany barn, with overdubs added in their hometown of Bern, it’s described by bandleader Leoni Altherr as a cheerful leap into the abyss that aims to capture “the colour and the grain of an analogue photograph”, creating something “that means something to the listeners, that touches them and that they keep like a treasure just the way I do with so much music”. It’s fair to say this gem is indeed something to treasure…

Altherr continues…

“‘A Coloured Image Of The Sun’ Is a song written by Luzi [Schuler, the band’s “inventor and keys man”]. We had some difficulties making it sound more like the other songs, because […] I see this one very positive, bright. But I think we did well with the spacey interlude and the trumpet overdubs.

“I wrote the lyrics the same day as we recorded it, very very early in the morning. I remembered a guy I admired for his unique mind, who fell in love with me and I didn’t notice at all. He showed me [a lot of acts I count among] my favourites today including King Crimson. I quote a song title of that band called ‘A Book Of Bluesy Saturdays’. The uprising mellotrone line in ‘A Coloured Image Of The Sun’ is a hint to the “climax” in that King Crimson song where the lyrics are “And I have to choose…”

“The guy actually went to one of our concerts and I looked at him during this song to see his reaction. He didn’t listen to the lyrics.”

Don’t make the same mistake. Drink in both the music and the words of this latest Lolasister release, and be sure to delve even deeper when the full EP comes out via Irascible on June 15th…

by Editor
June 13, 2018

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