Marwa Loud puts French urban pop at the top of the charts

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Raised in Strasbourg, Marwa Loud is the young female rapper with Moroccan origins who positioned herself at the top of the French music charts in less than one year.

In 2017 she released her first singles through the label Purple Money – created by the Moroccan rapper Lartiste – and became a new sensation during the summer across French, European and North-African music radio stations.

Riding the wave of success generated by her 2017 summer smashes, Loud (Purple Money, March 2018) is Marwa Loud’s debut album, which has already been certified gold and reached number 2 on the French Albums Chart (it’s also charted in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland).

Like most new rap songs influenced by afro-pop, the record was quickly ranked in the Zumba category or “urban pop”. Simple and effective, this first full-length project eschews the trend of overproduced pieces and immediately puts the listener in a good mood. But if the Marwa Loud singles work perfectly, the album has perhaps been put together a bit hastily. Sometimes the flows, instruments and melodies are redundant and the occasionally too obvious simplicity gives the impression of an artist who remains always on the same register.

Despite some errors, the character of Marwa Loud remains extremely accessible, offering a very branded image inspired by French rap, the ‘good girlfriend’. Previously incarnated by Diam and Kenza Farah, this character of the ‘big sister’ still raises the question of the maturity of France’s mainstream audience, who seem to have a hard time accepting that French rappers of urban pop can also be sexualised and move beyond the comfortable setting of the nice girl, the little tomboy…

The new album by Marwa Loud is available here.

by Editor
May 30, 2018

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