MusicMap artists reveal their favourite albums of all time…


Yesterday we compiled the favourite recent tracks of every artist that we interviewed on MusicMap last year. Today we reveal their responses to an even harder question: what is your favourite album of all time? From gangsta rap classics to legendary jazz joints, treat your ears to a trip through some of the finest LPs to ever be recorded…


Mace: Whoa. Biggie’s Ready To Die probably. It just changed me.

Dirk Devin: 2 Pac – All Eyez On Me.

Slom: My all-time favourite album is Waves by Antônio Carlos Jobim. I used to listen to it all the time in my elementary school, and I still listen to this bossa nova classic every time I get stressed out to find peace.

Thisiscavehood: I don’t have favourites because, you know, you could always find something better. I enjoy this Oregon band called Menomena and The Virgins are pretty cool also.

Zean: The Main Ingredient by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth.

ANKA: I don’t really have one but anything that’s The Beatles, hands down.

Rgry: Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the 36th Chamber!

Coral Casino: Killer question. There’s not ONE record. Off The Wall by Michael Jackson, Hotter than July by Stevie Wonder, Baduizm by Erykah Badu… so many. We like tons of music from ’90s house music to ’70s Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On – to Cumbia Villera here in Argentina to incidental score music. It’s just a killer question.

Manatee Commune: Family by Le Loup or Feels by Animal Collective.

Kai Luen (Soulspeak): Hmmmmmm…… John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme is probably the album that I’ve listened to the most in my life thus far.

Model 86: MF DOOM – Operation Doomsday. Ramsey Lewis – Funky Serenity. Though hopefully it’ll change more times.

Boys Get Hurt: Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism. It’s my best until I die.

Duck Fight Goose: For now it’s Grace Jones – Hurricane.

Jhon Montoya: The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd), In Rainbows (Radiohead).

Sandro Jeeawock: Thriller by Michael Jackson / Justified by Justin Timberlake / La Leyenda del Tiempo by Camarón de la Isla.

Losange: Let’s say a top five?

Daft Punk – Discovery

Air – Moon Safari

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Radiohead – Kid A

The Strokes – Room On Fire

Not really original I’m afraid.

Lesha: Grow from CHON for sure.

Dani from TRUE: I loved The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Rico from TRUE: Impossible to answer. At the moment I’d say There’s No Place Like America Today by Curtis Mayfield.

Dualist Inquiry: That’s a really hard question to answer, because I don’t have one favourite. Some albums that changed my life when I heard them were: Digitalism – Idealism, The Chemical Brothers – We Are the Night, and Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes.

Ivan Ave: I always change up this answer, but today I’ll say Donny Hathaway – Live.

Otura Mun: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

Max Hallett from Soccer96: Tago Mago by Can.

DarkSunn: Pieces of a Man by Gil Scott-Heron, Blue Train by John Coltrane and Enter the 36 Chambers by Wu-Tang Clan.

Middle Sky Boom: That’s not a fair one for me, but as a full album I will go with Dear Science by TV On The Radio.

Living: N’Écoutez Pas by Fly Pan Am, from 2004. Not many people agree with me, but there is a lot of magic happening in that album.

Nery: That’s quite tricky and unfair. Fortunately I can feel that with a good amount of albums. Nevertheless, Steve Coleman and Five Elements’ Curves of Life is as important in my life as Shigeto’s No Better Time Than Now, Tim Hecker’s An Imaginary Country or any Flying Lotus album. For me that’s part of the beauty of music!

Ruxpin: This is the question where I have to pick out one album out of all the albums that have inspired and changed me. Damn… this is hard. I’d probably go with Snivilisation by Orbital. I’m going with that one because I probably played no album as much. When I was a snotty teenager and didn’t want to wake up for school, my mom would put on the track ‘Crash and Carry’ and crank the amp up to 11. That would get me awake and pretty much ready to deal with the day. The chopped-up vocals in ‘Sad but True’ sounded like some kind of wizardry at the time.

The album was originally purchased by my brother – and the reason was that we saw the video for ‘Are We Here?’ on MTV. It was just so excited as I felt that I’d never heard so much music before. This was in 1994, I think. I must have been about 13 or 14 years old.

Arzyl: Best Of Bowie, haha. I think that this album has a lot of my favourite songs, but I don’t believe I just have one favourite album.

Efesoul: I don’t really have only one favourite album, my favourites of all time are by far Don’t You by Wet, Tidal by Fiona Apple and Alone for the First Time by Ryan Hemsworth, eternal love to these albums <3

Xao: Sunday at the Village Vanguard by the Bill Evans Trio.

by Editor
February 7, 2017

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