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Although a little quiet on the production front recently, Sxmbra still has plenty of SoundCloud back catalogue to tuck into. The tracks display various forms of house; from its darker, industrial persona to featuring more percussive, tribal elements. Sxmbra’s ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ remix of Antae’s ‘Alma’ is our favourite for being, well, cosmic.

You can still catch Sxmbra around his base in Amsterdam, he recently featured at an edition of Club Late Night at OT301* alongside Lyzza and Sha Sha Kimbo.

All our Netherlands posts are co-delivered between ourselves and our lovely Amsterdam-based scouts over at Skandl. Why not go check out their Notebook, eh?

*Read our interview with OT301 programmer Ivo Schmetz HERE.

by Editor
October 11, 2017

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