Gqom – the sound of Durban

by Editor | 4th August 2016

Unless you’ve been to Durban, South Africa in the last few years, chances are you’ll be unfamiliar with the genre of ‘Gqom’. Described by the pioneers as ‘African electro’ or ‘the last form of house music’, it originated in the townships but has become widespread. Local taxi drivers even use the latest Gqom tracks to …

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Streaming service Guvera quits Australia

by Editor | 29th July 2016

Embattled streaming service Guvera, which recently replaced CEO Darren Herft with fellow co-founder Claes Loberg, has pulled out of the …

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WhoSampled launches ‘Six Degrees of Music Separation’

by Editor | 6th July 2016

The go-to website for music connections, WhoSampled, has just launched a semi-gamified version of their spot-the-sample offering. Based around 6-D, …

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Squarepusher launches cross-borders collaboration effort

by Editor | 4th July 2016

Long term Warp Records artist Squarepusher has launched an aspiring collaborative project entitled MIDI sans Frontières, off the back of the …

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Premiere: LV remix Afriquoi

by Editor | 30th June 2016

MusicMap is delighted to present our first ever premiere, courtesy of Afriquoi. The London-based collective’s global, forward-thinking approach finds an …

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China gets exposure with Far Out

by Editor | 28th June 2016

With a goal to “identify, promote, and support talented Chinese musicians and artists”, Far Out Distant Sounds is one of …

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Boiler Room Hits Beijing

by Editor | 22nd June 2016

This April live-stream DJ set outlet Boiler Room gave some Chinese producers centre stage at a show in Beijing. It featured MusicMap faves Soulspeak, Howie Lee (performing with drummer Zhang Yang) and Shao. Check the shows HERE and below.

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