Tom Calvert & Abdullah Al-wali team up for ‘Zanbor’

by Editor | 31st October 2017

Tom Calvert, the London producer best known for his work as Redinho and in Swet Shop Boys, recently dropped a first release under his own name entitled Zanbor. Heavily influenced by Arabic music and instrumentation, with liberal use of the zanbour hand drum from which the record takes its name, its rough and ready immediacy …

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Festival review: Primavera Club 2017

by Editor | 25th October 2017

Primavera Sound’s Autumn edition, better known as Primavera Club, has been showcasing the most immediate emerging talent globally since 2006. …

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Soundscape 011: Hotel Radio Paris (France)

by Editor | 24th October 2017

MusicMap’s ‘Soundscape’ series is the easiest way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every few weeks …

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Cologne to host Digging the Global South

by Editor | 23rd October 2017

Self styled as “an exploration of cultural globalization”, Cologne’s upcoming Digging the Global South event will platform various artists from …

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5 artists not to miss at Primavera Club 2017

by Editor | 16th October 2017

(Spanish version below) Autumn will be a very busy season for music lovers, with many world tours and festivals coming …

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Premiere: Egopusher – Blur

by Editor | 9th October 2017

MusicMap are proud to bring you the latest track to be revealed from Blood Red, the debut album by Swiss …

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An update from Puerto Rico by Discos Diaspora

by Editor | 30th September 2017

One of the best bits about working at MusicMap.Global is that we get updated on news from all over the world which we wouldn’t otherwise hear about. Often this is positive stuff: events, festivals, art projects, general niceties and oddities. However, it does also sometimes open our eyes to more disturbing events. Following our interview …

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