The 5 most mind-altering performances at CTM Festival

by Editor | 22nd February 2018

Immerse me in turmoil! Berlin’s CTM festival is a gamble if you’re going for the music. One moment, laser beams shoot around you in a multidimensional performance while otherworldly music guides you to unknown pleasures. The next, a guy on acid strums a single guitar cord for 30 minutes and makes mind altering substances sound …

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Soundtrack your flight with Khruangbin’s ‘AirKhruang’

by Editor | 8th February 2018

Booking a flight can be something of an ordeal these days, what with the endless pop-ups inviting you to reserve …

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Morocco’s Atlas Electronic festival announces first acts for 2018

by Editor | 7th February 2018

Set in a palm grove just outside Marrakech, few festivals can match Atlas Electronic in terms of setting. Following today’s …

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TORMENTA unleash a deconstructed pop storm in São Paulo

by Editor | 17th January 2018

Just like NAAFI in Mexico and Hiedrah Club de Baile in Argentina, TORMENTA is a São Paulo collective and party …

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100COPIES & Rinse FM present Cairo Calling

by Editor | 21st December 2017

December has gifted us an early Christmas present in the form of Cairo Calling, a vital collaboration between Cairo label …

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Six things not to miss at Berlin’s CTM Festival 2018

by Editor | 20th December 2017

Red and purple laser beams swirl through the concrete and steel interior of the imposing “Kraftwerk”. From January 26th until …

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Unlocking the Sync – a free guide for musicians and rightsholders from Record-Play & MusicTank

by Editor | 13th December 2017

As you may know, MusicMap.Global is a project ran by Record-Play, a music consultancy that has worked in music licensing for over fifteen years, brokering literally thousands of deals in that time. Struck by just how complex and opaque the world of music copyright can seem to independent artists and labels, Record-Play has produced Unlocking …

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