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Earlier this year Parisian pair Antonine and Arnault, aka 3615 Nuits Blanches, released About Last Night, an evocative, electronic paean to the midnight hour full of “sleepless nights, glitter and tears”. Now, as 2017 itself draws to a close, the duo are offering an update in the shape of About Last Night (Long Versions), a heady revamp of their debut created in response to requests for extended, club-friendly mixes of their tracks.

To celebrate its December 8th release on L.O.V.E. Ltd, 3615 Nuits Blanches have teased the “Version Lounge” refit of ‘Insomnie’ exclusively on MusicMap. An exquisite six-minute version that seems to churn with deep longing and teasing euphoria, it’s a perfect introduction to the album and their work in general:

“«Insomnie» was the intro of the album,” 3615 Nuits Blanches explain, “and we loved the fact that it was only 2 minutes long. There’s always some pleasure within the frustration. For this new version, we just looped it, and played with Antonine’s chopped vocals, delaying, filtering them. Now it doesn’t sound as an extended version, it has became a club track of its own.”

“We have always been fans of extended and dance versions of disco and new wave records”, they continue, talking about the album more generally. “Tape-delayed vocals, big breakdowns, the track is there, but different at the same time. It was really fun to work on these. As it’s not remixing as the word is now used but as it was done 30 years ago. Keep the essence of the song, and make it work in a whole different way”.

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Photo: Elodie Pilboue

by Editor
December 1, 2017

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