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MusicMap are proud to bring you the latest track to be revealed from Blood Red, the debut album by Swiss duo Egopusher. Following the poignant ‘Patrol’ and mesmerising ‘Flake’, as well as the exquisitely poised title track, ‘Blur’ finds Egopusher at their most cinematic, drowning Tobias Preisig’s pizzicato violin and Alessandro Giannelli’s live drumming in a wash of synths. In fact, it would’ve slotted in nicely on the soundtrack for the new Blade Runner film (damn you Hans Zimmer).

“‘Blur’ passed a long way till finally ending up on our Blood Red LP”, Egopusher reveal. “The journey started in our studio in Berlin while it was getting autumnal. We wanted to capture some new ideas for the album and installed ourselves with violin, drums, a Juno 60, a Moog Taurus Bass and two bottles of Berliner Kindl. We never really talk about what to play before we start and when we finally began, we ended up jamming the first part of today’s ‘Blur’, banging with our heads and smiling at each other.

“We uploaded the sketch on our Dropbox and worked on it separately, but the magic wouldn’t happen till we were together in the Berlin studio again six months later with the same setup (this time with four bottles of Berliner Kindl) and the second part and the whole arrangement of the track was born.

“The final version of Blur we recorded with our Producer David Hofmann in a little City called Zofingen. Here’s a riddle: Which poet is hiding in ‘Blur’?”

You can ponder that while enjoying our exclusive premiere…

Preisig and Giannelli first met while playing as session musicians on Out of Chaos, the first solo album by YELLO’s Dieter Meier. Recognising they shared an intuitive musical connection, they soon began jamming together, with the first (fully improvised) Egopusher performance taking place in in Zürich back in 2013. They’ve since played over 100 gigs while continuing to hone their free-form approach, mining an ‘audio diary’ of their jams for the musical gems that make up the backbone of Blood Red.

“We started our improvisation sessions only with a violin and drums”, Preisig explains. “When we reached a limit with this set up, we added more instruments to add extra colours. The first thing we added was the bass (which I played with my feet). Then we thought we needed more harmonies and Alessandro added the synth. Over time, the arrangements continued to grow, but it’s important to stress the fact that we expanded our musical palette organically and based on what we felt that the music actually needs.”

Blood Red by Egopusher is released this Friday and can be pre-ordered here. Managed to answer their riddle? Email us with the answer:…

Photo: Nuél Schoch

by Editor
October 9, 2017

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