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Post-punk outfit Heather may hail from Barcelona, but their work remains loyal to the British sound of the late 1980s. The fact that their lead singer, Heather Cameron, is from Glasgow simply emphasises this influence. Now Heather have decided to pay tribute to that era by releasing this very personal cover of Cocteau Twins’ anthem ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’.

With a couple of releases under their belt already, anyone keeping an eye on Barcelona’s local scene knows Heather are ones to watch. They opened Primavera Club (Primavera Sound’s Autumn showcase) a few years ago and have collaborated with an array of emerging national artists from different disciplines, from their digital exhibition Distance to touring with other interesting young acts such as Bilbao’s Vulk and Valencia’s La Plata. We asked Heather to explain us a little bit more about the cover and its video:

“This version of ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ is our way of paying homage to the bands we love and who have shaped us as artists in the time we have played together as Heather. Initially, we decided to prepare this as a one-off for an open-air performance in 2016, at a street party organised by our friends who run Dead Moon Records and who, at that time, had a physical store here in Barcelona. Since then, we have pulled it out of our sleeve sporadically during live performances and when entering into the studio to record what was supposed to be a two track EP, When a Love Is Timeless, we unanimously agreed that it would be really special to have this piece immortalised in a recording.

The cover itself remains more or less faithful to the original but we enjoyed adding some personal touches. We sped up the bpm considerably. Even so, this remains our slowest track to date. We were able to broaden the reach of the instrumentation due to our five member set-up, as opposed to the Cocteau’s three and Heather then laid down ethereal vocals on top. I (Heather) am particularly proud of this song as it’s allowed me to pay tribute to my homeland and to the memories that I cherish of discovering music as a teenager. At that time I was in awe that such inspiring music could have spawned from a place that so often seemed grey and cold. Distance from Scotland in that last eight years has helped me appreciate the incredible beauty there is in that.

The accompanying video is the fruit of a day’s labour shooting photos in and around Barcelona with three of our friends and local artists, Javier CastánAhida Agirre and Anna M. Beltri. Working with creatives close to us is a joy and something we try to introduce as much as possible. The video was shot in the final location of three that day and captures the sun as it sets over the hills that surround Barcelona. The result is powerful yet honest, something that is not only representative of the track itself but also of what we try to communicate through our offering as a band.”

When Love is Timeless is out by the end of this month on Snap! Clap! Club (coedited by Famèlic).

by Editor
March 13, 2018

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