Premiere: Sébastien Forrester drops his debut album ‘Brontide’

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Sébastien Forrester is no new face at MusicMap. We interviewed the multi-faceted sound designer and composer not so long ago, where we discussed Parisian/African influences, musical beginnings and summer road-trip soundtracks. After three years of sound-crafting and experimentation, he’s releasing his debut album with Paris label Nowadays Records (home for Clement Bazin amongst others) tomorrow (Friday 2nd February).

The sound of his two previous EPs is still evident on the album, albeit honed and matured. References such as the Parisian suburbs, ritualistic ceremonies, British folkloric music and frenetic percussion are mentioned by the artist as his influences.

Named after a cathartic musical event he experienced while living in Gabon, Brontide puts an end to a series of releases under the same title. We have an exclusive taste with the premiere of ‘Coma’, our track of the day.

In ‘Coma’, Toro Azor’s soft vocals blend with Forrester’s deep, intense drums in a quite compelling and uncanny way. Tune in and stream or pre-order the whole album here.

by Editor
February 1, 2018

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