Festival review: Primavera Club 2017

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Primavera Sound’s Autumn edition, better known as Primavera Club, has been showcasing the most immediate emerging talent globally since 2006. The festival has provided a really good focus on artists that might headline a much bigger festival the year after, like Beach House did after playing for the first time in Barcelona at a very intimate indoor show at Apolo [2] in 2009.

The event stopped taking place in Madrid for a couple of years, but Primavera Club 2017 went back to the capital and introduced the Unexpected Primavera concept (a secret show featuring a bigger band playing at a hidden spot). For the occasion, The Breeders played a surprise gig at Ochoymedio.

That wasn’t the only novelty at Primavera Club 2017; Barcelona opened a refurbished venue at Apolo [2], with double capacity for attendees. On Friday they also organised an alternative party at El Molino, where other bands were playing and free drinks were served. These were some of our favourite acts to play this year:


After spending most of his musical career behind a drum kit, the young Brit showed the audience what else he is capable of. Mixing elements of pop, electronic music and rap, PAULi. seemed perfectly at home as the frontman. The Londoner engaged with everyone by flitting from side to side of the stage, even making time for a quick dance with the crowd. Definitely one to watch in the future!

pauli primavera club

Moor Mother

Hardcore poet, musician and community worker Camae Ayewa brought a heavy stream of energy and anger to the stage. She smoothly switched styles from one song to the other using her small analog synth and her voice, all with incredible skill and nonchalance. We left the Philadelphia artist blaming the public for all the videos that were being taken and suggesting they put their phones down for once, an attitude that is always appreciated.


The Norwegian duo recently signed for XL Recordings and dropped music university to focus on their professional careers. It was their first time playing Barcelona and they charmed everyone with their effortless cool attitude and aesthetic. They didn’t transmit the same intensity as Moor Mother did a few seconds before, but they’re also much less experienced than her!

smerz primavera club


Also a relatively young band, this post-punk outlet from Bilbao is definitely fit to go international. Their show was restrained and elegant at the same time, with an array of vibrant riffs and anthems that made everyone go mental.

vulk primavera club

Pictures: Alba Ruperez and Dani Cantó

by Editor
October 25, 2017

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