Explore the ‘Origens’ of Brazil’s Rimas e Melodias

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From Karol Conka to Badsista, Brazil has been producing some of the finest female MCs in the world for a while now. That trend continues with the emergence of Rimas e Melodias, a supergroup that features seven already successful rappers, DJs and singers: Tássia Reis, Drik Barbosa, Tatiana Bispo, Karol de Souza, Stefanie, Alt Niss and Mayra Maldjian.

Last year saw the release of their debut album Origens, which features seven superb tracks that showcase each member’s significant abilities. Particularly impressive is ‘Origens’, a seven-minute epic that switches the beat up several times, snaking from gritty trap-flavoured beats to fruity uptempo house.

This structure reflects the concept behind ‘Origins’, which was to create a track that explores the ancestral, spiritual and musical origins of every member through six verses and a final instrumental section featuring a sampled duduk (representing DJ/producer Mayra Maldjian’s Armenian heritage).

Check out the full lyrics on Genius and stream the full album on Spotify.

by Editor
February 13, 2018

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