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Producer and record label manager Seimei gives us the low down on Tokyo.

Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m Seimei, from Tokyo and currently living in San Francisco, CA. I have my collective and record label called TREKKIE TRAX. Also I DJ and sometimes produce. I’ve toured the West Coast area of the USA and some Asian countries already, like China, Korea and more.

Let us know a bit about Tokyo, what’s popular in the city right now, any artists or trends people should check out?
It sounds a little bit weird to say, but my label and collective is now getting popular in the city right now. Fortunately, our music has been supported by many world-famous DJs, and also our artists have been getting more recognition in the world’s underground music scene so far. We throw our label showcase quite often and already had shows with some great artists like Nina Las Vegas, Joseph Marinetti and Anamanaguchi. We’re trying to get more connections to cool people all over the world to do something new and creative in Tokyo.

What are the key venues in your city?
There’re some good venues in Tokyo. Unit, Womb andVision always have cool line-ups including international DJs from US or Europe. But if you are looking for the more real local scene of Tokyo, there are more venues like Lounge NEO, Dimension and more.

What radio station do you regularly listen to?
I listen to Rinse, BBC Radio1 and Sub FM to hear my friends’ shows. But actually now I have my own radio show with other TREKKIE TRAX crew on Tokyo, which is the biggest dance music radio station in Japan. So I usually tune into to get more new info about Japanese local scenes from here in San Francisco.

Give us two or three of your current favourite tracks that you’ve found for the MusicMap.

This song by my favorite UK producer Matra Magic. It was released on my label in 2015 and one of my favourite songs from that year. We, TREKKIE TRAX, will release his new songs this year as well.

LA-based Japanese producer StarRo exists in the CA scene as a crucial part of Soulection collective. This song is also one of my favourite songs from 2015. All the time when I listen to this song, I can imagine LA or Cali party life, which is peaceful, friendly and about love.

This is my brother and co-founder of TREKKIE TRAX, Carpainter. I feel 2016 will be the year of Carpainter. I can’t wait to release his next song so bad!

Something non music related, what are the top things you’d suggest visitors to Tokyo should go and see/do?
Ahh, there are so many to do once you’re in Tokyo.

Get real ramen. Have fresh sushi. Go Shibuya and feel the street culture of the city. See Harajuku girls wearing something really progressive which is so cool. Go Akihabara to chill with Anime people. Climb up Skytree Tokyo and see the beautiful night view of Tokyo. Go to Asakusa and feel chill vibes of old downtown Tokyo. TOO MUCH!

by Editor
May 26, 2016

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