Interview: Skygaze is one of Spain’s finest new producers

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Having developed his Skygaze profile with a series of EPs on various netlabels, Jaime Tellado has confirmed his status as one of Spain’s most valuable products in terms of downtempo electronic music. Loaded with bright, jazz-influenced collages of sound, Skygaze has the skills to produce both chill and danceable progressive tracks, and hip-hop beats as well.

Born and raised in Gijón, a small city in the north of Spain, Jaime spread his music by playing in several avenues and festivals around the peninsula, drawing the attention of international DJs such as The Black Madonna, who included his song ‘Fracture’ (Flat White Records, 2018) in her compilation album We Still Believe (Tsugi Sampler, 2018).

We had the pleasure to chat with Skygaze recently and discover a bit about his production process, musical tastes and experiences…

MusicMap: When did you first start exploring the world of music production and how much time a week do you spend on it?

Skygaze: I think it was in 2008 or 2009 when I started with the DAWs. A few years later I finished my architecture studies so I started having more time for music production. Nowadays, I spend most of my time making music. I cannot say a number of hours per week.

Your music has a lot of elements and samples from jazz music (and some electronic genres too). When producing, what are your biggest influences (both current and past artists)?

Well, I am a guy from the internet era so I have thousands of influences but if I have to tell you the most important artists I would say Deftones, James Holden, Lone and all the Brainfeeder and LA beat scene.

How do you perceive your musical evolution from your first EPs to your last mini-album, Intensity & Dedication (above)? Do you anticipate how your productions will progress?

I think I am still defining my own sound. Yet I am nearer having a personal sound than when I started releasing stuff. I think I still can improve very much and I’m working with that on my mind. I have not seen in anticipation what was gonna happen with my music but it has been a really good experience to see the evolution until today.

You have played at Sónar, Boiler Room, MIRA Festival some other venues in Spain. Where is your favourite place to play and why?

I think LEV festival is the place where I feel more comfortable, at least in the two editions that I have played and in two other events that I was involved with the promoters of the festival. LEV is the most important thing that happens in this boring town or to me, the pity is that it only happens once a year.

You are involved in other musical projects, right? Can you explain what are you currently working on and your future Skygaze projects?

In November 2017 I got a fire in my house so I have been a bit stopped since then. Anyway, I have about 50 unreleased tracks and I am trying to finish them all and make an LP with the best ones; also looking for a label to send the stuff [to]. As collaborative projects I have made the production of an LP for a Spanish rapper called Enjoy Canoa, I am also making a track for Elphomega’s new LP/mixtape and I have a band called Yamaralazu which is basically nu jazz stuff.

Finally, recommend five artists from Spain we should listen to…

Lost Twin
Abrigo de pelos
Mans O
Astroboyz/Alex Silva

by Editor
May 9, 2018

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