Soundscape 003: Pixelord (Russia)

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MusicMap’s Soundscape series is the easiest way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every couple of weeks we visit a different country and ask a local scenester to serve up a mix of the best new tracks from that territory.

Our third offering comes from Moscow, home of Hyperboloid Records owner Alexey Devyanin, aka Pixelord. As an artist who performed at the first ever Boiler Room in Russia, who better to take us through the best new music currently emerging from the country?

‘The most important thing about this mix’, Pixelord states, ‘is that I know all the musicians who made these tracks personally. This is the most exciting thing today, because in the past – let’s say around 2009 when I started meeting these people – I couldn’t make such a good long mix only from Russian producers. Today I didn’t even have space to include everyone, but these people show you the big variety of different genres and scenes in Russia right now. Ambient, experimental, lofi, cyber techno, future beats, atmospheric, it’s all here, most futuristic eclecticness!’

Full Tracklist:

1. Paul Menska – Travel Memoirs
2. Lapti – Caravan
3. Pixelord – Operator
4. Fisky – Activate
5. Munguugnum – Ancient Aliens
6. Pixelord – Machina
7. Cadeu – Heliocentric
8. WWWINGS – Wyvern
9. Summer Of Haze – Flowrida
10. Gillepsy – My Little Selfie (El Ched remix)
11. Nphonix – IceVII
12. Nphonix feat. Steffaloo – Aura Glow
13. El Ched – untitled unreleased
14. Pixelord – Exo Club
15. El Ched – untitled unreleased 2
16. Raumskaya – So Much
17. Summer Of Haze – Super Symbolic Song
18. Monokle – Blow
19. Pixelord – Metal Mutant
20. Lapti – Teenage Beat
21. 813 – Street beats, Big Cloks
22. X.Y.R. – Terminal Dream

by Editor
February 9, 2017

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