Soundscape 006: BSN Posse (Spain)

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MusicMap’s ‘Soundscape’ series is the easiest way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every couple of weeks we visit a different country and ask a local artist to serve up a mix of the best new tracks from that territory.

Our latest mix comes from Málaga-based duo BSN Posse. The founders of footwork-and-beyond label Iberian Juke, Sergio Ruiz (aka Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (aka Broken Lip), explained the intentions behind the stunning 80-minute mix they’ve put together for us…

“With this mix we basically wanted to forget about styles and genres and simply try to compile and put together tracks by artists we love and respect from Spain. The hardest part was to organise them by BPM so we could also transition nicely in terms of vibe and tempo. This mix is not limited to any particular style, we’ve always done what we’ve felt in every moment. The most important thing is that most of the tracks in this mix are made by good friends and we believe it represents well the scene in Spain despite the lack of recognition a lot of the talent we have in this country gets.”


1. Glue Kids – En Verdad
2. The Suicide of Western Culture – Dysplasia (Reykjavik 606 rmx)
3. JAYEEM -I Dont Want Yr Love
4. Astroboyz – Collage Carrousel (Clip! rmx)
5. bRUNA – Closer (Lost Twin rmx)
6. BSN Posse – F_U_F_M
7. Skygaze ft. Abrigo De Pelos – Darjeeling
8. Kaotix – Through Her Eyes
9. Abrigo De Pelos – 1993 (Lost Twin rmx)
10. Miguel Grimaldo & Niño – Todo el mundo se va a hacer de nuevo
11. Gxnzx – Fingerlift
12. Bejo – 8Misisipi
13. PedroLaDroga – Desaparese
14. Loyalty XIX – Armaros
15. SKLT SLKT – Runaway
16. Astroboyz & Rafik – Care
17. Blastto – Alarms
18. Wiley – Step 20 (Manul & Energy Man rmx)
19. Astroboyz – PianoBatacaZoo
20. Manu Beats – Space Dream
21. Sunny Graves – Stone/Shroud
22. Margari Kid – PWD
23. PedroLaDroga – PeroPeroPero (Nosabesná)
24. Ginko – Nostromo
25. Stayhigh – Underground´16
26. BSN Posse Soul Train
27. Rootless – Samber Preparader
28. Hernan – Faces
29. BSN Posse – No Matters How Far
30. Pablo Dread ft. BSN Posse – Closer Than We Think
31. Erik Urano & Zar1 – L.E.D.S.
32. BSN Posse & Stayhigh – #UOAI (Brighter Dayz Tribute)
33. Cauto – Veure
34. Alizzz – Collapse

by Editor
May 16, 2017

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