Soundscape 014: Perú (Orieta Chrem)

Peru Peru

MusicMap’s ‘Soundscape’ series is the easiest way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every few weeks we visit a different country and ask someone familiar with the scene to serve up a mix of the finest local sounds…

Moving from beatmakers in Bombay to producers in Perú, our latest soundscape mix is another absolute gem. The Peruvian music scene is absolutely flourishing at the moment, with local artists exploring new directions in footwork, future bass and beyond. One such artist is Orieta Chrem, a mainstay of the Lima scene whose mix we’re privileged to host on MusicMap today.

A producer, DJ and sound engineer of some renown, Orieta Chrem is the first Peruvian woman to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy and was also selected to play at the debut Lima events of both Boiler Room and Red Light Radio. As well as helping build the bass-heavy BQestia Soundsystem and running her Qmulus Sound studio, Orieta Chrem also makes music as Menores alongside Talía Vega and Ana Cabrera. The trio are currently preparing to follow up their debut release Tierra de Nadie with a brand new EP and a selection of remixes, one of which gets an exclusive first airing in the mix below…

“To create this mix I was inspired by the work of producers and musicians I admire from Perú, because of the versatility they express in the creation of their music”, Orieta explains. “I like artists that are willing to explore sounds and change their own styles no matter what, people that make music from their hearts and souls, without asking too many questions to themselves.”

Full Tracklist:

1. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Cobre
2. Shushupe – Semarang
3. Deltatron – Hijo del Diablo
4. Pánico Joven – Kaeru
5. Zufu – It’s a shame (feat. Monie Love)
6. Rashid from Lima – Cuckold times
7. Mirko Lupis – Burbujas
8. Shania Twins – La Fiebre del Oro Solar
9. Menores – Oro
10. Milkshk – Nxt to u
11. Valicha – Uno
12. Maribel Tafur – InWi
13. Menores – Aves Rapaces (Erick del Aguila remix)
14. Larah Nuh – Rumba de Muerte
15. Qoqeqa – Omega

by Editor
May 10, 2018

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