Soundscape 007: Sarah Farina (Germany)

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MusicMap’s ‘Soundscape’ series is the easiest way to keep up with local music scenes and global trends. Every couple of weeks we visit a different country and ask a local artist to serve up a mix of the best new tracks from that territory.

Our latest excursion takes us to Germany, home of bass music supremo Sarah Farina. The originator of a genre-splicing style she’s dubbed ‘rainbowbass’, Farina is the queen of Berlin’s bass scene and founder of the Through My Speakers collective. Who better to take us on a low-end tour of the German capital?

“In this mix you’ll mostly hear music by my friends, (un)released music from my label “Through My Speakers” and some Berlin tracks that are essential to me”, Sarah Farina explains. “I started the mix with one of my favourite tracks ever, ‘King In My Empire’ by Rhythm & Sound. This track is very essential to me and one of the most timeless tracks that I’ve ever heard (it’s 16 years old!).

“In general it was important to me to show music from German music producers, which is more eclectic and gives you an alternative to the four-to-the-floor techno sound of Berlin. Berlin’s music horizon is expanding and the artists who are showcased in this mix are definitely contributing to this development. Obviously this is just a small part of what’s happening in Berlin right now but I think it can give you an idea that there is much more forward thinking music to come. I hope you enjoy the mix! :)”

Sarah Farina’s German Soundscape – full tracklist:

1. Rhythm & Sound – King In My Empire
2. Deadbeat & Paul St. Hilaire – Dopa
3. Enveloop feat. Walter Vinyl – Holy Holz
4. Enveloop – Kananga
5. She’s Drunk – Khaki Legs
6. Objekt – Cactus
7. Phon.o – Bell Blender
8. NGHT DRPS – Timebomb Dub
9. Bukez Finezt – The Main Rule
10. Radar Bird – Ghoule
11. Danny Scrilla – Riddim
12. Radar Bird – Execute
13. Feel My mf Bass – The Duke of Juke
14. Radar Bird – Time

by Editor
June 6, 2017

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