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SHAPE Platform is a pan-European initiative designed to give the underground music scene exposure on its own terms. The SHAPE Class of 2018 is as exciting as you’d imagine, which is why we’re showcasing picks from this year’s selection every Friday…

This week’s highlighted artist is… Swan Meat.

Looking to move away from the hypercompressed aesthetics of much contemporary electronic music, Swan Meat delves into their classical music background and is one of the artists currently helping to expand just what ‘club music’ is and can be.

Swan Meat recently sent us some words about influences and working methods, while preparing to release new EP LATHE OF HEAVEN:

“I grew up with musical theatre, piano, the violin – spent time in a guitar orchestra, where I was an ambitious but certainly lousy player – and of course grew up, too, playing JRPGs because I was enthralled by their soundtracks, so I’d always wanted to begin incorporating so-called ‘orchestral’ elements into my music but didn’t know where to begin, more accurately didn’t know if I was ‘strong enough’ to make such a time commitment, to relearn so much of what I feared I’d already forgotten.

“However, things have been flowing fairly naturally, as they did on ‘Crucible/ Candyland’ and this bundle of other things I hope to release soon. On this track I began with drum arrangements. After spending a lot of time in the ‘noise scene’, making this intentionally abrasive music, I’m at a point in my life where I want to expand my horizon and make these two sides of my background meet somewhere in the middle that hopefully sounds OK.”

And check out this expanded Swan Meat interview which was conducted at this year’s CTM Festival in Berlin…

Designed and managed by a handful of the best music festival on the European continent, many SHAPE Platform artists will be making an appearance on line ups throughout the year. You can read our full interview with co-founders Viestarts Gailītis and Rihards Endriksons by clicking HERE.

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April 13, 2018

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