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A psychedelic soul act with a fondness for FlyLo-esque jazz flourishes, Technoir are two Milan-based musicians whose talents dovetail to impressive effect. Jennifer ‘Jennyfire’ Villa works the mic and the sampler, while Alexandros Phoenix takes on guitar and laptop duty. Both also bring their cultural heritages (Nigerian/Ghanaian and Greek/Italian respectively) to the Technoir table, resulting in a unique, musically flexible blend of sounds tied up with tight production.

You can hear this on their album NeMui (“New Ecosystem Musically Improved”), which came out earlier this year. Also take a look at the recent for ‘Bubbles’ below, alongside the mesmeric remix for ‘Rami’ by Argentinian producer San Ignacio

Photo: Giacomo Carlini

by Editor
November 13, 2017

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