Unlocking the Sync – a free guide for musicians and rightsholders from Record-Play & MusicTank


As you may know, MusicMap.Global is a project ran by Record-Play, a music consultancy that has worked in music licensing for over fifteen years, brokering literally thousands of deals in that time.

Struck by just how complex and opaque the world of music copyright can seem to independent artists and labels, Record-Play has produced Unlocking the Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands, a publication that aims to educate both music makers and music users on how to work with each other ethically and effectively.

Written by MusicMap.Global editor Kier Wiater Carnihan alongside two-time Music Business Writer of the Year Eamonn Forde, with contributions from artists, publishers, record labels, music supervisors, brand managers and more, it offers those on both sides of licensing deals an insight into what ‘the other half’ are thinking.

‘Unlocking the Sync’ is being published in partnership with MusicTank, the respected University of Westminster think tank, who are distributing the publication as a pay-what-you-feel eBook. Download HERE.

by Editor
December 13, 2017

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