UV boi فوق بنفسجي and Darcy Baylis are leading the emo comeback

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UV boi فوق بنفسجي and Darcy Baylis are two Australian artists bolstering the comeback of early ’00s emo aesthetics (alongside the likes of Princess Nokia) who released this Blink 182-inspired song and video yesterday. 

UV boi فوق بنفسجي caught our attention back in 2015 when Ryan Hemsworth spotted his productions on SoundCloud and catapulted him to international recognition. Darcy Baylis is a music graduate who used to release more club-oriented nostalgic electronic music, and his debut album Intimacy & Isolation was ranked one of the best releases of 2017 by many.

Watch the video for ‘D4’ and check two songs from their solo projects below if you haven’t heard from them already ⛓

by Editor
May 11, 2018

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