Video premiere: Billie Van – Bitter

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Oslo-based Billie Van really knows how to belt them out. Her latest single, the epic pop barnstormer ‘Bitter’, boasts a chorus the size of a building, and MusicMap couldn’t be happier to give you the first glimpse of its brilliant video.

‘Bitter’ follows on from Billie Van’s previous video for ‘I’m Totally Fine With It’, which found the protagonist coming to terms with her failed marriage. ‘Bitter’ ramps things up even further, as the leopardskin-sporting singer seeks revenge on her loser husband with the assistance of a local biker gang. Featuring hilarious choreography, fabulous fashion choices and a cameo from the world’s cutest dog, ‘Bitter’ is without doubt the best music video you’ll watch this week:

“This video is one of my proudest achievements ever”, Billie Van reveals. “The making of it was hilarious.
It’s about a woman leaving her husband, sweet revenge, being vindictive and bitter, but feeling free and happy about the choice she has made and that she will never ever look back.”

I think we can all agree she made the right choice. Check out ‘Bitter’ below and follow Billie Van on Facebook to find out what happens next…

by Editor
June 30, 2017

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