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After initially meeting in Oslo, Norwegian-Azerbaijani singer Zuzu Zakaria and Finnish skweee pioneer Tatu ‘Mesak’ Metsätähti formed Ya Tosiba after encountering each other again in Berlin back in 2010. Giving Azerbaijani poetic and musical traditions a Scandi-friendly electronic sheen, Ya Tosiba, whose name derives from “a religious chant of a fortune-teller woman who replaced her belief to God with technology”), also include elements of the meykhana tradition via lyrics that transverse Russian, Turkish and Baku dialects.

Ya Tosiba’s latest album Love Party came out on Asphalt Tango Records this summer, and covers an array of topics as diverse as its musical and lyrical languages. ‘Qoçu’, for instance, is about the fall of the Soviet Union, sung from the point of view of an authoritative Qoçu (or bully) who is suddenly stripped of their power. Listen below, and order vinyl copies of Love Party here…

by Editor
November 14, 2017

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